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Limitations as Gateways: Healing through Challenges

As the daylight hours become scarce, the need to turn inward and remove additional stimulation grows. Maybe you’re like me, storing away what energy you have for the important life responsibilities that come up through the week.

It's already been a year of “no.” Saying no to social engagements when possible, or if I know an event is planned, scheduling appropriate time for rest thereafter to re-cooperate properly. This particular chapter of my life doesn’t give me much to work with- and that’s okay.

It is just a chapter, one of clarification, purification, detoxing and reorganizing. I know that there will be plenty of social chapters on the eventual horizon. and yet as the archetype goes, this is my hermit era. I’m leaning into it.

Snuggled up, catching up on those zzz's
Prioritizing Rest

This has been a great time to tune inwards and determine what I need to do for me, and as my friend Em reminded me earlier this afternoon, tuning FOMO into JOMO, the joy of missing out.

Sometimes that’s all you can do, as for me its not often a decision- it’s a mandatory holistic health requirement.

As anyone who has had a session with me can tell you, I pick up on a whole lot. I tune into the field of others and I don’t just see what the energy field entails- I feel it in my body. I witness the distant memories and experience movement in the body almost as if they were my own.

That’s why my work is so accurate and potent.

It’s also one of the reasons why socializing can be challenging for me. I am constantly picking up on all kinds of information and it over stimulates my attention. While this isn’t always an issue, depending on how my energy field is humming along (or recalibrating), at times I have to turn down extraneous engagements.

I could be upset with my sensitivities, but I am highly aware of the gift within it all too. A big part of my purpose, like many others who share a similar conundrum, is to help heal the planet. One side of that comes forth in my ability to help people find healing and empowerment through one-on-one sessions, and when my energy is more expansive, to hold space through workshops and retreats.

The other, is to shine light on unsustainable practices, on the pollution of not just mind and spirit, but also of earth… That of our food, our air, as well as the human and more than human communities that live here.

Beyond energetic sensitivities, I’m also blessed with a genetic “defect” that makes it difficult to process toxins. If it’s not good for the planet, I’m one of the first that can tell you because it will feed into my health issues.

This has opened up a whole new door of holistic learning and practice.

While it can be frustrating to be this way while moving through a highly polluted planet, I remind myself that my life is not just my own. It is the prayers of my ancestors and the memories of future generations. I am merely a vessel, here to be of service to others.

To do this work efficiently over the course of my time here on the planet, it’s vital for me to feel and to know the issues on an experiential level. My power is potent because I have and continue to step through the gateways my challenges present to me. The only way out is through.

And so it goes for you, too.

In your own life, you will be presented with particular stressors that might feel like a major limitation. In your mind you might hear yourself complain, “but why am I different?”

“Why do I struggle with this when others do not?”

As we say, the wound is where the light gets in. We see this when we journey together, that the way your life’s experiences have contributed to fragmentation in the energy field- the trauma, the pain, the grief- it is the very same spaciousness that gives way to your ultimate expansion.

A man stares into a beautiful sphere of his potential
Turning our Limitations into Gateways

Those ailments, those moments of suffering, that confusion… It is all part of the clues pointing you to who you might become.

That may seem counter intuitive at first. We see those painful places and our first instinct is to pack up and get out of dodge! Nope. Not looking at that. Stuffing that thing way deep down and never gonna open up the lid! Many people go through life like that.

But you, the courageous, eventually come to the conclusion that life is not going to get better until you deal with the damn thang.

So that’s what you do. You look into the darkness, feel it, allow it so consume you and when you are still living and breathing to tell the tale, you get used to flicking on the light, seeing what’s really there, and then you GROW into those once barren and deserted areas of your awareness.

You will grow into those spaces, and you will meet your expansion, and the gifts you are here to bring to humanity.

As you make your way through the darkness of winter this year, I hope this gives you a glimpse of what you might find on the other side of your fear, your lack, your limitations.

If you need me, I’m here to serve as a guide and take you into those places, and then show you how to walk out of them. Cause that’s what I do! Look here for more information and testimonials if you are curious to learn more.

Sending love and care to you each as we move through another week of continued growth and learning.

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