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Read testimonials from clients who have experienced real time and long-lasting healing from their sessions with Drake!

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Dana Lockheart

I have worked with Drake several times in my personal journeying. Each time we delve deeper and deeper peeling off the layers. Her intuitive healing sessions and tarot readings have been monumental in my self growth and finding my true path.


I’ve had years of counseling but it didn’t quite reach the healing for which I have been searching. I highly recommend Drake to everyone who is experiencing suffering. Drake is present each session and shows up for the ultimate guidance.


Thank you Drake for the work you do!!!

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Sarah Vitort

This morning, Drake was at the very top of my gratitude list. I’ve had a few sessions with Drake, and this most recent one opened my heart and energy to a powerful creative force, one that had been inside me all along, but I couldn’t figure out how to access.

Drake is so intuitive as you journey with her, but ultimately, she is the guide for you to discover answers and truth within yourself, which is much more empowering than having someone tell you your future or what you “should” do spiritually.


She helps unfold what’s already within you, and that is truly priceless. Not to mention that her voice is so soothing and her energy is very present and nurturing, providing the perfect space for you to feel safe and open to the process.

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Erin Kibbee

Drake blew me away with the accuracy of the soul reading she provided. I was really impressed with how detailed she was on a level that really expressed her clairvoyance and obviously refined abilities beautifully. She nailed so many aspects of things that I am dealing with spiritually as well as how they are reflected in my everyday life.


This has been an amazing affirmation for me and reminded me of the strength I knew I had when I was feeling defeated and in the midst of a struggle. Drake brought me to tears, she is the embodiment of true compassion, and a divine expression of a powerful yet graceful soul.


I highly recommend working with Drake on any of your spiritual endeavors, you will not be disappointed.

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Kristin Lavandar Harju

I received the very best reading from Drake that I have ever had. It shifted me right away and the effects have actually lasted! She was spot on with things that validated my guidance.


I am using the tools she gave me and they are helping incredibly. I am dealing with fresh trauma and grief at this time and was really feeling stuck in the muck. Drake threw me a golden rope and I am eternally grateful.

I totally recommend reaching out to Drake if you feel stuck in the muck
She’s a true Angel. I am so relieved…
Putting the monkey mind in it’s rightful place.

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Amanda Marsh

Coming to Drake, I was in a very pivotal time of growth and healing; the point where you know you’re internally as well as externally leveling up, yet fogged by confusion and lacking clarity.


Sitting with Her, and allowing Her to take me deep into my innerstanding through her soul journey methods, was one of the best decisions I made at that time; It’s Her way of being able to gracefully allow her connection with the Divine to give an intensely honest and accurate guidance of a greater understanding into what needs transparency.


Not only is a light shown upon the darkness, what no longer serves is being guided out, to allow the new to be put in its place. She is gentle, kind, a Clean Listener, and is a great Guide. I am so grateful to have been able to work with Her, have been continuing to do so, and will in the future. 

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Emily Hajarizadeh

It wasn’t until I was assisted by Drake in the soul journey that I released my urge to control my process and embraced the failure of my immovability. Liberated with new perspective, I found a path around my block that was simpler than attempting to tear it down.

Everything we need is right inside of us. It is already happening. To listen, to pay attention and not control the outcome––this is the lesson.

For those interested in exercising new paths of healing, I strongly suggest introducing soul journeying into the regiment. For me, the goal of soul journeying is not to “cure” the disconnection between self, soul, and spirit. A cure suggests that physical and spiritual health is something can be “completed.” Rather, soul journeying is a tool that stimulates an ongoing process of healing. It is a technique that activates alignment and sparks our participation to weave a fuller, richer tapestry of life.

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Amber Mae

Drake is a deeply loving intuitive who has an ability to channel in a clear and insightful way. Whether in person or remotely, Drake’s connection with higher knowing has been a great example and opportunity for me to reawaken into my own spirit-knowledge.


She has a way of accessing particular messages that are of most importance to your inner-evolution. Sometimes she just picks the most specific points seemingly out of thin air, and I’m left thinking “wow… I haven’t discussed this with anyone yet.” I believe there’s a reason she opens up to the topics that your soul most needs messages on… she’s an active champion for spiritual growth and change.

I trust Drake as a safe, loving, open, and honest conduit of deep spiritual knowledge, and I wholeheartedly recommend her work.

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Vanzell Kirk III

Drake is an amazing Soul and Energy Healer, as well as fantastic organizer and event coordinator. I first had the chance to work with Drake at a Healers retreat that she hosted and received some major and much needed healing.


The soul journey she took me on brought me to places of my mind I had expanded to before but didn’t know where to go next. Drake has helped me to connect some pivotal dots between my mind, body, and spirit on my journey.


I feel more confident as a healer and light worker after our sessions together and highly suggest anyone looking to expand into higher levels of awareness to book a session with Drake or attend one of her many events and retreats.

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April Jay

I have had the honor of working with Drake in individual sessions as well as attending several of her healing events. I can’t recommend her enough for anyone wanting to dive deep into their inner work.


While working with Drake in an individual session, she guided me to clear ancient blocks and difficulties from this lifetime that I had been struggling with for years. She opened my eyes to my gifts and gave me a lot of hope and insight for my healing.


As far as her healing events, I was blown away by them. Drake shows up genuinely and passionately, leading you to be engaged and energized. I met so many amazing healers through the events Drake puts on. There is something beautiful for everyone at her events! I love working with Drake and can’t wait to continue to in the future!

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