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Drake Nyx 

Intuitive Soul Journeying and Coaching, Integrative Reiki and Holistic Entepreneurship for your awakening journey.

"Drake is a master space holder, intuitive guide and healer. She expertly guided me inward and helped me move through a primary core wounding. She provided impeccable insight and assistance navigating this complicated terrain, and did so with great care and skill. I’m deeply grateful!"

Adina Eggen

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Soul Journeying and Coaching Benefits

Reset and Ground Your Energy System

 Rewrite Beliefs for Long Term Habit Changes

Discover and Align with Your Soul Purpose

Learn to Love Yourself Unconditionally

Nurture Your Intuition and Magical Abilities

"Drake is a deeply loving intuitive who has an ability to channel in a clear and insightful way. Whether in person or remotely, Drake’s connection with higher knowing has been a great example and opportunity for me to reawaken into my own spirit-knowledge"

- Amber Mae

"I received the very best reading from Drake that I have ever had. It shifted me right away and the effects have actually lasted! She was spot on with things that validated my guidance. I am using the tools she gave me and they are helping incredibly."

- Kristin Lavendar Harju

“Drake brought me to tears, she is the embodiment of true compassion, and a divine expression of a powerful yet graceful soul. I highly recommend working with Drake on any of your spiritual endeavors, you will not be disappointed."

-Erin Kibbee

Meet Drake Nyx

Intuitive Healing and Guidance

Drake is an intuitive guide, energy healer, soul coach and integrative educator for personal and professional development. With over 15 years of experience and incredibly fine-tuned clairvoyant skills, she has helped countless individuals find balance and joy in their lives by helping clients identify and transform their blocks, understand their challenges, and align with their soul's purpose. Whether you are looking for soulful personal or business coaching, intuitive energy healing or in-person and online workshops, retreats and programs, Drake offers many avenues to support you in your growth. Find free resources on her on YouTube, Spotify and Tiktok channels, or listen to her meditations on Insight Timer. 

Drake Nyx

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