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There are many ways to work with me! Read below to learn more about Soul Journeying, Holistic Entrepreneurship support or Integrated Reiki. Scroll to the bottom of the page for booking and prices, or email me at to book with me directly or if you have any questions. Looking forward to working with you!

Read Drake's Testimonials!

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Soul Journeying and Coaching

Traditional therapy isn't for everyone. As the planet and our human systems change to make way for a more soulfully aligned future, our inner work is needing a more magical way to heal. Dive deep while receiving intuitive insights into your inner and outer worlds.


  • Become aware of traumas, limiting beliefs and unhealthy habits, and learn how to transform them

  • Learn to manage to your energy (especially for sensitives), handle relationships and navigate the ups and downs of life

  • Develop intuitive gifts + bring more magic and synchronicity into your daily experience

  • Become a conscious creator and manifest the relationships, career and abundance you desire.

  • Open yourself to greater love of self, others and your purpose! 

  • Sessions are usually done remotely, from the comfort of your own home. In-person sessions available on a limited basis. 

I've worked with 100's of clients who have received the benefits of these intuitive sessions. It also started with doing the work within myself! With thousands of hours of journeying through my own layers, traumas and limitations, I discovered the special gifts I am here to share with others in the form of this work. And it really works! Try it yourself to see the difference (but be aware- this is for people who are REALLY to do the work).

"Not only was I comfortable and able to flow effortlessly through our session, she made the entire experience productive and immensely measurable in my progress towards the results I am after . . . She's the real deal and can help you break the barriers and align with your most true self."

Kyle Wesockes


Holistic Entrepreneur

Businesses of the future need a whole lot of soul, as well as sustainability to help us build a healthy, vibrant and magical world.


  • Receive practical know-how as well as intuitive guidance navigating your business

  • Increase sustainability and regenerative practices

  • Explore and develop current business structure

  • Identify blocks and challenges

  • Learn new tools, from asset organization to schedule management

  • Discover and create templates that work for you

  • Evolve communication skills to improve staff and client relationships

  • Explore work life balance

  • Sessions can be done in-person (PDX) or remotely.


With a M.S. in Sustainability Education, experience building and running multiple organizations and businesses, including a company with 6 figures and up to 10 employees, I have many skillsets and experiences that allow me to be a supportive guide in this field, on top of also having an intuitive twist on this work. This is my passion, and I am SO excited to hear about your unique business and help you find the success you desire!

"Drake has given gentle nudges to push other healers to go beyond their comfort level to grow their skills. I am very thankful for the way in which she has helped me to try new things and expand my personal practice to incorporate business healing."

Alia Pollet


Integrative Reiki

Enter into a container for deep healing. Reiki works on various layers simultaneously to attune you to the frequency for deep regeneration to occur. Simultaneously receive intuitive insights about blocks and higher dimensional messages!


  • A secure energetic container to allow your body, mind and soul to begin and continue to heal.

  • Universal life force energy that will awaken and empower your day-to-day experiences.

  • Intuitive insights and messages to give you greater clarity into your current situation. 

  • Gentle touch to comfort and reduce stress and inflammation. 


I received my initial in-person reiki training in 2009, with a master reiki certification in 2010. Since then, I have used reiki energy healing in 100's of hours of sessions that have led to real results for clients, from decreased and eradicated pain, to the removal of energetic blocks. Working with energy comes naturally to me, and I am attuned to use it in not only the present, but can also use it to work on the past and future.

"Her ability to read my energy was remarkable, and the guided meditation she led me through unveiled the deep-seated sources of my energy imbalances.  Drake's expertise and guidance made the entire experience enlightening and enriching."

Jackie Yerke

Book Your Session

  • Receive a mixture of soul coaching, energy healing and intuitive insig...

    1 hr

    90 US dollars
  • Bring Soul and Sustainability into your Business!

    1 hr

    90 US dollars
  • Energy Healing and Intuitive Guidance

    1 hr

    90 US dollars
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