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Meet Drake Nyx

Holistic Educator and Soul Coach

Hi there! I'm Drake (she/her). I'm a life-long student of life, healer, traveler, educator, activist, artist and visionary (that is, someone who gets downloads of a beautiful, creative and regenerative future, along with information about how to get there). I also have a unique ability to read the energy fields of people, places and situations and interpret what I'm reading from a soul-first perspective. 

"Soul first" meaning I see why something has or is happening from the greater context of personal and planetary growth, healing and evolution. 


After an initial spiritual awakening in 2008, I eagerly sought out diverse life experiences to develop myself as a leader for the new world I saw in my visions- a reality currently emerging from within the hearts, minds and spirits of those awakening all over the planet. That time period catapulted me abroad, where I spent a year (2010-2011) traveling Northern India, living in an ashram, monastery, studying various spiritual philosophies with scholars and spiritual leaders, and then to Peru where I continued my studies in a Vaishnava ecovillage and experienced shamanic initiations under the guidance of Shipibo cuarandaros.

Since my initial awakening, I have experienced multiple personal "deaths" and rebirths, as well as extreme initiations of, at times, an other worldly or multiple dimensional nature. Many a time I have had to leave behind lives that were not in soulful alignment, as well as work my way through intrinsic labyrinths of mind, body, emotions and spirit (within social, economic and political contexts) that have granted me with the unique gifts I now offer in service to others.

Through the years I has navigated chronic illness, miscarriage, partner separation, parental alcoholism and incarceration, loss, depression and grief, while navigating the ever present inner rebel that seeks addiction, distraction and chaos. I've continued to shed the layers and rise into greater heart expression and the embodiment of a more magical and holistic dimensional experience; the very same journey I am here to support your transition through as well. 

I have an M.S. in Educational Leadership and Policy (specializing in Leadership for Sustainability Education), B.A. in Social Sciences and a Minor in Civic Leadership from Portland State University. I am a master-teacher reiki practitioner (practicing since 2009), ordained minister (2018) and have received regular training as a group facilitator for over a decade and a half. I've worked as an outdoor and experiential educator with youth, adults, animals and non-profits, internationally, as well as at home in the PNW. Since 2009, I've continued to receive formal reiki and shamanic training under the guidance of JoBeth Eckerman.

On top of this, I hold a permaculture design certificate (2014) and previously worked as a permaculture designer, land steward and company owner in PDX. I'm a dog mama of two, and dedicated caretaker of chickens, frogs and one small little fish. In my additional time I love the continued oracular study, regenerative village design, holistic health (mind, body, spirit + community and ecological well-being), spinning poi, meditation, writing, psychic free styling (closeted freestyler, heyo!), backpacking in the PNW and abroad, and also enjoy qi gong and tea time. 

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