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Coming Back Online: Intuitive Healing Sessions Now Available

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Drake soaking in the healing rays of nature
Drake in her Nature Element

The cycles of life never cease to amaze me- some of which can be frustrating and even debilitating at times.

We move through these layers of time and space as they dig us into deeper depths of the human experience. We're given sacred opportunities to feel and know ourselves, in our highest highs and lowest lows.

We ride the inevitable upward spiral of growth, learning about our programming (the often unconscious ways we've created our beliefs and how that impacts our thoughts and actions) in a deeply embodied way if we bring awareness and grace to our journey.

When it's uncomfortable, which can often be the case, we become reactive, avoidant, or dismissive to our own personal responsibility to our suffering and learning. Yet, the only way out is through the discomfort and it's where we ultimately glean our truest wisdom.

Thus you can say I am returning from such a journey, a particular three year cycle that included its fair share of trauma, uncertainty, insecurity and illness. It also involved honing in on some more positive and illuminating facets of my personality and interests: regenerative earth care, as well as business development, ownership and management.

Running a company was a blessing and a curse, a real immersion into leadership as it stands within the context of a sick and troublesome neo-liberal, capitalistic system- one that is contributing to the very social, economic and environmental degradation that is our inheritance.

You could say I was "plugged" into this system for some time- energetically I gave myself over to it, curious as to our ability to participate in something so flawed as to potentially improve it, so as to steer the ship in a new direction. But alas, as most of us already know very well- the ship is sinking.

And that's not to say people can't and are not helping to lay down important pieces within the context of that framework.... But for me the grind of plugging my life force into those mentalities encouraged limited coping mechanisms and merely "getting by."

I adopted many of the same habits that most do to numb myself in order to stay afloat and to keep dredging along toward some fantasy of a success that isn't quite right for my design.

Recognizing things needed to change for me to thrive once again, I ended my company, bid my wonderful employees adieu, released my additional responsibilities at EARTH Space (which I had already done with the nonprofit I was working for just before the new year) and have been riding the waves of what I'm calling my "summer of no;" that is, no to all superfluous external responsibilities, and a big YES to me and the spaciousness for my soul to come back online in fuller force.

For the last two months, I've curated a bubble in time to reground and recenter. My inner child has had the reigns as I once again learn to play, dance, write, sing, paint and generally create. This time has supported removing the logic of the mind as my primary driver and instead placing my heart into the front seat. It's a beautiful time of realignment for me, coupled with greater holistic health than I've ever known and a very new path opening before me.

While I've continued to offer services to a select few soul journeying clients over the past few years, my books are now fully open and dedicated for individual healing sessions. Sessions can also now be booked through my website!

Supporting the development of soulful growth and exuberant success in others is my primary and most joyful offering to the world.

I truly love it, and from the feedback I've received it has really made a difference in the lives of others as well (check out all of these incredibly sweet testimonials!). Beyond individual sessions, you can also connect with me regarding on-going mentorship, tarot readings, as well as wedding and ceremony officiation.

In additional news, my Youtube channel "Drake Nyx Vision" will soon be returning to feature regular episodes, and you will be seeing more regular updates through my website and newsletter. Please subscribe to both to stay informed! Woohoo!

Pass on the word! Looking forward to bringing more intuitive guidance and sacred support to you all.

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