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5D Therapy (Soul Coaching)

Discover a new way to heal.

Are you tired of bouncing from therapist to therapist, and not finding the right guide to effectively navigating your inner world? 

Do you find yourself bored, frustrated and unmotivated with traditional counseling approaches, finding at the end of your hour you're not much farther than where you began?

Join Drake for 5D Therapy, also known as Soul Coaching, a new (but very ancient and timeless) way to heal. 

In this soul based methodology, Drake will guide you through an hour long session and direct you to the most pressing themes and growth opportunities currently available to you by helping you to identify them within your energy field.

In these sessions you will be guided to the real issues and beliefs that hide under the surface, giving you a chance to have greater clarity and healing as you need it.

The mental, physical and spiritual are incredibly interconnected; when you heal one aspect, the others tend to follow suit- opening you up to even greater holistic health. 

Traditional therapy is based on practices that often segregate and label. Mental illness is treated as an inherent part of the patient, rather than a symptom of fragmentation and distortion occurring at the soul level. In this work we move at the level of soul to weave together and rebuild wholeness within the energy field, and concurrently, the mind, emotions and physical body. 

One session can provide results equivalent to what you would find in attending multiple sessions of therapy (just look to testimonials!). In these sessions you are an active participant in your healing, learning how to travel deeper into your subconscious and unconscious layers of self to ignite revelations and embark on a journey of conscious, co-creative re-patterning.

Using meditative techniques, intuitive insights, energy healing, somatic practices and at times channeling, Drake will lead you further into the magical embodiment that is your rightful claim in this lifetime.

Drake is NOT a licensed therapist and in no way will diagnose you or provide you with medical advice.

Taking on soul aligned clients on a rolling basis. Weekly and 2x/month sessions available only to client's ready to start the journey into the next phase of their evolution into a more loving, fulfilled, embodied and creative version of themselves.

See application for pricing options.


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