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Your Vibe, Attracts.

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

“Your vibe attracts your tribe” is a somewhat common saying out there. On a soul level, we are initiated and grow through many of the social contacts we hold, for better or for worse. Often times our social groups hold us to the level in which we currently are, as people mirror back the type of person we embody, as well as who they think we should be. As this happens, our social groups normalize behaviors and thought patterns that validate our own experiences and in doing so make us feel secure. If we’re lucky we surround ourselves with those who encourage our growth and development into better people. Unfortunately, through typical patterning as human beings, this isn’t always the case.

We commonly attract the people and experiences that make us feel secure with where we are, and this includes our shortcomings and dramas. It feels good when someone gets angry, sad, or mad with us. There is comfort in our friends taking our side and disliking the same people, or agreeing with us on our experience or beliefs, even when our perspective may not be grounded in any real truth. When enough people agree with us it becomes increasingly difficult to see that any other ways of seeing a situation might exist. Over many years, these social dynamics help to anchor in the paradigm in which we live and navigate the world. It must be truth, because we all agree. Much of this I’ve discussed in previous blog posts. If you’re interested in learning more, beyond what I cover in this post, check out Conscious Deprogramming or Mirrors.


To be an outlier to your social network brings clarity, along with isolation, which is why most people don’t venture there. To disagree means to potentially be outcasted and disliked, as when we first step into the unknown and into the realm of difference we are rarely met with a friendly celebration in ode to our personal sovereignty. For those who have dared to see things differently, historically it has been few who make it past the gates of normalcy and into that which is found beyond. It is easier to backtrack and, shamefully, retract our previous statements in order to blend back in. It feels better to have belonging than to stand alone. Yet, for those who do dare to go beyond, who courageously walk the less traveled path, in time will find a new world with community to greet them, ushering them in as they find their way back to oneness.

When we attune to our personal growth, we will find that those whom surround us show us who we are, in every moment. That might seem like a stretch, as it may seem like there is no way we are anything like our friend or family member who does (fill in the blank), but through association we hold space for those actions. We say through our presence that “yes, this is tolerable. I may not agree, but I won’t stand in the way from it’s continuation.” In fact, many times we thrive on the dramas of others. Many of us find purpose and pleasure in being part of these experiences, even if at their core they don’t serve us in being healthy individuals. Every one of our associations and interactions reflects back to us something about ourselves. The world is constantly showing us what type of person we are.

When we are healthy and whole, the people around us mirror this. Our interactions and experiences mirror this. While there might be challenges, it is all in the name of growth and developing ourselves into better people. There is empathy and compassion. We commit ourselves to loving embodiment and we hold those around us accountable to do the same. To get to this point, it may mean coming to terms with those who no longer meet us where we’re going. When we are committed to growth, there are times when we recognize that certain people and social groups are no longer capable of growing with us, because at a some level we come to understand they are not interested or capable of doing so. It doesn’t serve to drag behind us those who sleep, for when we release those who can’t keep up, we make space to catch up to those who can.

Our vibe attracts people, and when we are in a good space of mind, body and soul, we attract others into our life who are as well. If those around us continue to play into drama, are judgemental, make poor decisions and generally don’t know how to communicate well, it should be apparent that we too may display these traits within us as well. As we become aware of this, while maintaining a commitment to bettering our self, those around us either decide to grow with us or eventually we leave them in our dust.

Life is too short to be with those who minimize our light. It is when we acknowledge this, tend to our inner fire and shine brighter than ever, that we not only attract healthy and fulfilling relationships, but we also attract amazing opportunities. In this state we cultivate professions that sustain us, we stumble upon adventures that stretch and renew us, and we obtain profound gifts of creativity, vision and purpose.


Your vibe attracts, and if there is any question to what kind of person you are, take note of the life that you’re living. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and professional well-being are all indicative of the type of life that you personally are cultivating. We can look outside of ourselves and make excuses as to why we are how we are, but when we do so we give our power away. I see this all the time. “I could do this, but this thing happened to me…” or ” One day I will do this, but right now I need to…” or “I wish I could do that, but I don’t have…” Even in the way we speak, we can identify the vibration we are holding. We can see where we hold worth for ourselves, or where we still doubt our abilities.

When we raise our vibration, releasing our doubts, fears and insecurities, our need for control and our need for security, we have the ability to step into the next phase of our human beingness. It is here where we can access the greatest expressions of creative ingenuity and the most rewarding and connected experiences of relationship with the people and world around us. The world will always be our mirror, and the more we adjust who we are, in alignment with the life we would optimally like to be living, the more we will see the world bend to meet us. It is when we consciously rise into awareness we will come to know that “your vibe attracts… YOU.” Raise your vibrations, beloveds.

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