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WTH ARE YOU DOING?! A Rant in Real Revolution.

What moves and inspires you? What is the gift you bring and how are you using it? How are you actually contributing to a better world? How are you designing your life to be filled with intent, purpose and passion? If you’re not. WTH are you doing?!

We’re here to revolutionize.

The theme has become a large blinding semi in my life, blaring its horns and hurdling itself at me at full speed. WTH am I doing? Why am I standing in place, continuing to barely surface the status quo? I’m not meant for mediocracy. And neither are you. We’re here to do big things.

For some time now, I realize, I have been perpetually numbing myself through a whole array of vices in order to get through my life and not cause a scene while I do so. My inner self screams at what I see in our society, in my social groups. I passively take another sip of whiskey and hope I can silence the inner voice a little longer, pretend I’m totally content with the way things are. But I really can’t do it.

I’m alive and awake and I am not okay with numbing myself anymore. This whole paradigm I have been trying to live in is not where I belong. I don’t want superficial conversations and lifestyles. Do you not see the world is an absolute madhouse around us? Do you not see how our actions are constantly perpetuating the cycles of consumerism and debauchery leading to total apathy and inaction which is the crux of this debacle we currently find ourselves in? I can’t take it anymore! I’m going to scream and pull my hair out and inevitably do what I need to in order to get these convos out in the open.

THIS IS NOT HOW IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE. WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP. Where are we? Why are we still just going to through the motions? Listen to your inner self. It’s been pointing it out all along and we’ve just been silencing her. WE ARE HERE TO CHANGE THE COURSE OF HISTORY. We are here to heal us. WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP. What are we doing with our time? Why aren’t we better educating ourselves? Why are we still drinking crap like coca cola (it’s not only bad for us, but the corporation itself is entirely negligent to human and environmental well-being) or eating foods not nourishing to us, our families or the planet? Why are we content with what is being handed to us? WHEN DID OUR CONDITIONING BECOME SO DENSE WE BECAME TOTALLY INCAPABLE OF QUESTIONING EVERYTHING AROUND US. Oh wait. It’s all we’ve ever known.

So that’s where I am. I can’t be quiet. My inner self needs to be heard. She is mad and ready to take action, whatever that might mean. I’ve known for a very long time that I was meant to do something big. I’m meant to wake you up. There’s a real revolution of mind and spirit happening. Right now. Where are you. What are you doing. How are you going to figure out how to tap into your inner self to discover the many gifts and visions you have to offer the new world. How are you going to live with further integrity and passion. How are you going to change your community. HOW ARE YOU GOING TO HELP US HEAL and if you’re not. WTH are you doing.


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