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Writing, Blogs and Crystal Power

Writing for me has always been very restorative. Since my later teens, there have been times where my journal proved to be my closest, most loyal companion. It always listened. It probed and prodded my thoughts and ideas until solutions organically unfolded onto the pages before me. At times it seemed to be the only place I could come to divulge what was developing within, especially in the middle of my college years where those around me, and even myself, questioned my grip on reality. But our grasp on reality is better off loosening up and slipping a little before we can grab hold of something made of a little more substance.

If you are caught up on the very limited amount of posts found on this blog thus far, you may have noticed the post from 2013 in which I had initially planned to pick my blog up again. You may have also noticed how far that actually got me (about one post later I was not to be heard of until now). My personal writing in the confines of my journals continued on, but the writing I truly seek is here. I suppose school had taken over, leaving very little time for reading, writing and exploring anything outside of what was assigned. Graduation came and went and I was left with what seemed to be a lethal case of senioritis. It had me pinned down there for a while, until now. My desire to rejoin the academically minded has gnawed relentlessly and the dream to soar in creative pursuit has resurfaced to the forefront of my intention. And if I seek to soar, new forms of creative expression through writing are in order.

For the last while I have found myself dealing with health issues. Fatigue, nausea, cramping. There are a variety of reasons why these things have been going on. When accessing our health, what we put in our body is obviously important. From the food we eat and the water we drink to the other ways in which we subject our body, there are many factors in the physical plane needing to be taken into consideration. But what about our mental and emotional bodies? How do our regular interactions impact our energetic bodies? Equally as important, more often than not overlooked in our quests for fame and fortune (but more importantly, hopefully, our quests towards greater embodiment, compassion, purpose, healing). While I’ve recently set out to change some of the ways I take care of my physical body, the other aspects have been harder to pinpoint a solution for.

Recently I made a trip over to Celestial Awakenings. If you haven’t been there, go check it out! I ended up talking to an intuitive there who brought my attention to my energy, specifically the build up in the throat chakra. At first I was like ehhh… I mean the throat chakra is that which typically is connected to speaking our truth, and speaking my truth isn’t a problem for me. Or is it? As it was brought up though, I began to feel it, and in my heart too. I wondered how it could have built up to this point without me realizing it sooner. How did it get there? The conversation continued, and I was reminded how build ups tend to happen from continuously taking on the energy of others, as sensitive people tend to do, and failing to clear the energy regularly. In return the build up of energy can cause havoc on the immune system, which would account for how often I don’t feel well. The blockage itself didn’t necessarily mean the ability to speak my truth was being inhibited, but more so that my heart and mind were not aligned. And my heart and head being out of alignment comes as no surprise… For some time now the two have been running in opposite directions, leaving me with the distinct feel of being stretched far too thin.

What’s a girl to do in order to maintain her energies and keep out the unwanted? I have my tools: meditation, journaling, yoga. The consistency to all of this is difficult in the day to day when you have a job, a partner, a social life, animals. In order to aid the situation, I was recommended a piece of jewelry. I had often seen others wearing similar pieces, but didn’t know much about them. This product has become more popular in the last few years among more sensitive folk such as myself, and I can see why. Coming in many a different cut, style, design and gem stone combination, it makes for a real interesting time when trying on the smorgasbord of options located at the store.

Some made me feel like I was being choked, others my face hot and neck red. Another might make my hands and arms tingle. Yet finally the one was found, and I knew it instantly as I looked upon it, a flower of life quartz sitting just below a beautifully cut labordorite. I picked it up and let me tell you… I was transported. A large column rose up from under me as I was lifted into the sky. I was in this powerful, goddess like super woman pose. I might have had a cape on. The wind blew and I felt unstoppable. This was to be my power house crystal.

…It’s what I can only imagine a wizard would feel when she selects the right wand.

The photo doesn’t quite do it justice.  Maybe you’re not into my woo woo crystals, but I am. I dig them. And let me tell you… Since I’ve been wearing this piece I’ve been feeling loads better, inspired and ready to do stuff. Like write a blog.

Taking care of myself in all areas, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, is at the height of my priorities. Thankfully, when I work on these things other aspects of my life seem to fall into place as well. …And especially with having a new post constantly brewing in my mind, even the most unpleasant of situations become a creative means for me to capture the moment through the right words and therefore an outlet for energies, mine and yours, to be passed through and put into something productive. I’m looking forward to the times to come, and I hope you are too.

SO.. What are the ways in which you personally need to take care of the mental and emotional spaces within you?

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