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Woven Realities and the Vibration of Love

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Each one of us is a product of our environment… Of our families, our communities, our politics, religions and our institutions. Culture is the fabric weaved around us that holds us in place, explaining to us where we fit into the bigger picture and why. We find safety, security and assurance in our developed world view. You can imagine it as a woven fabric that spans the entire planet, connecting each and every single person, yet anchoring each person in where they are.

Based on this model, you might see how these woven ideas of the world can sometimes keep us stuck. Because of how these threads are laid around us, we typically only interact and participate with others who’s threads cross our own. It is the lens in which we see the world, so trying to interact with others who’s threads don’t cross ours doesn’t always make sense to us. Those people are just too different, and we often don’t hold the taste for their differing beliefs.

With this, these threads can keep us participating in the outworn dramas of the old world’s vibrations, a world that prizes competition, greed and misused power. The world (I use this in terms of a general, collectively agreed upon understanding of how life works) throws us the narrative and we take a big bite out of it. All of us have done this. We ALL feed into the story (that is, what bits of the story have been revealed to us). Similarly to how our dollar votes, our thoughts, chosen topics of importance and the way we interact with others literally determines the world we live in. We all participate in designing this world, all of us continuously throwing out threads to build upon our pasts and weave in the incoming future. As our planet currently reveals, we’ve collectively failed to design a healthy planet for human existence, from polluted and non-inhabitable environments to toxic and strained connections with others, locally and globally.

Now imagine that we, personally, began cutting some of those threads around us… not just laying down new threads to cover the old, but really truly began to untie them. Imagine that we out-rightly stop giving energy to the old system. What would happen? Where would we go if we were not tied into these collectively agreed upon ideologies? Who would we turn into? It’s like staring into the abyss, and it can be absolutely terrifying. Can we trust ourselves without the narratives, the stories that brought us here?

Think about your beliefs. Within us are some beliefs that make us really great people. These beliefs influence our strengths, give us a sense of purpose and allow us to exude compassion in the world. At the same time, we might have beliefs that make us not so great… Beliefs that make us judge those who are different than us, intentionally or unintentionally hurt others through our unconscious actions, beliefs that lead us to feel unworthy or dis-empowered and beliefs that distract us from the present moment. We all have beliefs that serve us and hinder us based on the models we have been given, and that is totally okay! This is not a moment for the shame or blame game, but alternatively to find some curiosity around what we believe and why.

I will leave you with this; beliefs serve as anchors. They make us feel safe and sure of ourselves in this big scary world. Beliefs are like the gravity to our minds and souls, keeping us from floating away from our everyday experience. They make us feel sane. As we review our beliefs, if we find that some don’t feel right to us anymore, or are hindering us from being more loving, kind and understanding of others, think about letting them go. There is a radically more loving way for all of us to go through life, and I promise you won’t float away.

I might mention, as we begin to radiate the energy of love in each moment, to truly embody it as our natural state, the body may begin to radiate so much light you may actually feel like you could float away. It’s a profoundly differently way of existing in the human body compared to what we’re used to. But I promise you… you’ll like it.

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