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What’s Your Medicine?

This is your quest, your journey. This is what you’re here to uncover. I say uncover, rather than discover, because while is it both, it is in the deep digging into self where we will find our most potent wisdom. It is the truth of our being that was purposefully hidden from our conscious awareness until this very moment in history, when we begin to reawaken to the secrets of whom we really are. We must pull out the shovels of curiosity and courage, and go within ourselves to dig up the rigid ideas and thoughts that have formed a crust around our inner light. With each plunge of this shovel into our self, we reveal where we picked up a particular belief, a hurt, that bit of confusion. We openly begin to uncover our flaws, weaknesses and deep rooted insecurities. This work might require some pitchforks, hoes, pickaxes or even augers!

As we dig up these parts of our self, we then have to figure out what to do with them. There’s no landfill for us to send our waste, and no one else is going to take it on for you. It’s a crazy idea really, that we actually have to figure out how to transform our outdated material rather than just covering it up or pretending like it doesn’t exist, or simply replacing it. Does this sound familiar to how we as humans, particularly in the modern world, deal with our things? This is because our outside world directly relates to the worlds inside of us. In order to truly heal our planet and make room for a sustainable future, we must literally do the work inside of us simultaneously.

In order to heal this planet- the earth, the people, the animals and everything in between- we need each person to discover what of significant and healthy contribution they will be offering back to the planet. EVERYONE has something to offer, once they do their work, but like a journey, we must slowly put together the clues of who we are and what our true purpose is. It is not immediately obvious, and no one else can tell you what it is, because you, personally, must do the work to find it. It is in this process that the true rewards reveal themselves, and we come to hold so much gratitude for these gifts because we did, indeed, work so hard to find them.

These gifts, as they are found, are our personal medicine. We first apply this unique offering to the wounds and hurts of ourself, and then, as we grow strong, offer it to others who also need a similar

medicine. In offering our medicine, we give people enough strength and inspiration so that they too can begin or continue on their inner journey, towards discovering their personal medicine, their power and their purpose here on this planet at this time.

This process I’m referring to is Alchemy. You can also see it as composting. We are taking a substance, an energy as it is, and through certain processes are turning it into something else. We are taking water and making it into wine, straw into gold, turning a peasant into a king. We are basically taking crap and turning it into fertile soil for so much life to grow from. Refusing to do this is the source of our dis-ease. See that… Dis… Ease. Ill at ease, discomfort, illness on all levels, an inability to be happy with what we have, a discontentment that leaves us pacing, racing, minds replaying on high speed… So fast we can barely catch the glitches in our hardware.

So how do we tackle this process of internal transmutation? A longer post will be needed to delve into this, but to start… Be alone. Breathe. Turn off the distractions. You have every answer you’ve ever needed inside of you, waiting for you to slow down long enough to finally hear it calling to you. It speaks to you in signs, conversations, random events we look right through, failing to see the gift in the moment. Our internal guide is tapping on doors we’ve never even known were meant to be opened. But in order to hear them, we need to go inward.

Blessed be, beauties.

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