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Welcome Video on Youtube

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

If you haven’t yet, head over to Youtube to check out my brand new Youtube Channel, Drake Nyx Vision. In my last video, I talked about what it looks like to become your own best friend, as loving yourself is at the basis of growing in heart-centered, loving embodiment as we step out into the world and be of service to the whole, so that we may benefit all around us.

My channel’s focus is on helping you to understand the nuances of working with the mind, body and soul connection, and also connecting this to the way we live and grow with community, while giving of our time and services to giving back to the earth. From our healed spirits comes innovative and powerful creative possibility. It is possible to consciously create the life of our dreams and embody our best possible selves, while steering this world into a new direction.

Hope everyone is having a beautiful day! Thank you for being here and being you ❤

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