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The World of Color

I can’t tell you exactly when it happened. Like the moment in Pleasantville (you know, the one with Tobey Maguire and Reese Witherspoon… No? Well, anyway, bare with me) where people begin discovering the world of color that lives beneath the blacks/whites/greys of the old reality, there is a similar feeling that we find when we begin to awaken to the shifting of paradigm, the new world emerging from underneath the slow death of the old. It’s shocking and confusing. We find both awe in what we’re seeing, along with a deep “oh crap” within the pit of our stomach as we realize what we’ve been experiencing, living and unconsciously contributing to. We also begin the big journey work in releasing our self from the old as it continues to play out in our life, healing it, and then practicing (emphasis on practice, friends… it takes time) the embodiment of the new world in the face of unconscious programming still running rampant.

For some, it’s a big moment of relief. I spent most of my teenage years depressed and unconscious, moving through the monotony, trying to fit in and having no idea why it was so difficult. My desperation led me to painful moments, digging my finger nails into my face and slamming my arms against my bed frame, trying to make sense of my pain and the absolute disgust I had for life as I knew it. I was so bored. The options I was given for belief systems and hobbies were so bland and, little did I know at the time, we’re absolutely not designed for me. It was no wonder I wasn’t particularly fond of being alive or participating in the generally agreed upon script for reality I was dealt. It was designed based out of the energies of the old world and I was designed to help bring in the new.

There are many of us on the planet who were designed for this mission, and it is time we speak more publicly, albeit I’ll try and keep it as relevant and pertinent to what is necessary for us to know in this period of transition. While this may seem somewhat metaphorical, it is and also is not, at least not as it computes to the subconscious brain as you begin to experience it and adjust into the new world. We are entering into a new paradigm, a world of color you can say. What many of us have experienced, and continue to experience, can be said to be the world of black and white. This is not to say you are color blind. Dimensionally, it’s like watching a 3 D movie and then experiencing a 4 D movie, with all of the smells and squirts of water to make it really come alive (I just got back from Universal Studios, so maybe you can understand where my reference is coming from, ha). It is like seeing in color for the first time, because as we navigate this new world, we have to learn a vast array of color palates and ways of seeing and thinking we didn’t previously know could even exist.

Our consciousness is heavily influenced by the outside world. What we might conclude is possible, for our self, our relationships, what we can achieve and do and become… All of this is dictated by what we take into our noggins each day. More often than not, the inputs we interact with, including the conversations we have, the shows we watch and the jobs we work, lead to rather unfulfilling outputs. We’re capable of SO much more, and it isn’t until we see the cracks in our collective reality that this really begins to make sense.

The cracks are starting to show. I first began to see them about a decade ago, a time when many similar to myself, all over the planet, also began to notice them too (a lot of people were already seeing them, but there was a big shift that happened around 2008). Something changed during this time, where greater openings within the paradigm allowed for more of this new energy to pour in and we began to have memories of things not limited to this life. We started to remember why we were put here on this planet at this very time (and let me tell you… this was quite an isolating experience to the 20-year -old me who had been living the highs of Greek life, ha! My social life pretty much died right about there).

The human species, as well as everything on this big, beautiful planet, is receiving an upgrade. We are becoming something new, something more alive and aware… Something more loving, creative and divine. Within your DNA, changes are happening. Every cell of your body is beginning to vibrate differently. Thoughts and feelings make their way through our minds and bodies, being refracted (or mirrored… Check out my previous post Mirrors if you haven’t already) much quicker in our daily interactions and experiences than what we’ve experienced in the past. Right now, we’re being shown what needs to change, what needs to be healed and what needs to be recreated, as what we’re currently working within is not nearly aligned with our collective evolutionary purpose.

You see, we’ve created ourselves, our lives and our societies in the reflection of something really less than divine. We’ve been given the gift of life, but adulterated it into a limited and colorless version of what we could choose to express and live within the human experience, if we were to remember who we are and act accordingly. What we see in our world is the DIRECT correlation to what lives inside of each and every one of us, seeking to be healed and transformed into something greater, into alignment with the deep sacredness that is our right, to live right here and right now on planet earth.


Artist: Louis Dyer

The world of color is here, beyond the reality that we’ve experienced up until this point. It is a world of love, kindness, creativity, joy and freedom… And the colors really are more beautiful than anything you could dream. The keys to the new earth are inside of you, found through your personal evolution and healing. Through love… one by one we will become, the keys that open the door to the new kingdom.

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