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The Shift for Collective Healing

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

“The shift” continues at full speed, ushering us from one dimensional experience and into another as we continue to make the individual and collective evolutionary journey into a much more magical, creative and loving world. This journey provides an array of unique, intricate labrinths of self-discovery, designed to provide the clues and keys needed to understand and heal mass shared consciousness. Can you feel it? The threads delicately dancing in and out of our individual realities, linking us all together into the galactic heartbeat of existence?

This morning that heartbeat poured down onto me like plummeting waves. Intending to climb out of bed, the pulsating of cosmic, sacred shapes formed a kaleidoscope that washed over me and buried me in currents not worth fighting against so I went back to bed (until 1:00pm… Gosh). For those who know the power of the ocean, we know better than to fight it. Instead, we let it wash over us, opening our minds and spirits to where we might end up, surrendering control to a plan greater than anything we could have ever imagined.

For those who have entered onto the preliminary steps of the new world, many are eager to see “the shift” take place in a fashion that would be abrupt and apparent; if it flashed like a blaring neon strip club sign our neighbors would have no choice but to acknowledge its existence, even if they were still not ready to step inside. Maybe the strip club metaphor was the wrong one here, but… then what might be seen as mainstream hedonistic interpretations of this emerging, misunderstood world, it actually makes it a much more relevant analogy. Ironically, if one were brave enough to go inside and see what it’s all about, they would discover a treasure that would radicalize everything, providing more freedom in life than we ever thought possible.

No one really wants that much freedom though. At least, not at first, when we’ve been conditioned to look to authority to make decisions for us, to tell us how to live, what to believe in, who protects us and how. …Tis’ a sin to look outside the box to find your own answers. How interesting is it though that to look outside the box, rather than the norm of looking outside of self, actually means to look within in the context of keeping an open mind in the face of a grander and ever-expanding cultural context. That’s confusing, and while it looks the same, it’s not. Let’s sink our teeth into it.

The difference is that to look outside of self for answers keeps your worldview small and limited, taking your power and giving it away to an idea, authority figure or belief system that makes the world feel small, safe, familiar and manageable. There’s a promise that things will be comfy and we, personally, don’t have to do very much to make that experience happen. We can see this in the dominant culture’s desire for hospitality… Receiving hospitality, that is, which is ass backwards from much of the world. Here in the western world we are willing to pay for someone to serve us, and then we get pissed if it doesn’t go the way we wanted because the person serving us ruins the illusion we thought we were subscribing to if that can’t serve us in the exact way we had hoped for.

Think about it… How many of us know the family or friend who treats the wait staff like crap because something was wrong with their dish, or their room isn’t quite how they wanted it to be. All is fine until something doesn’t go their way, and then all of a sudden they treat the waiter or waitress less than human, a big adult tantrum with no apologies or self awareness around it. The experience has been scathed and it becomes more apparent that the illusion they had created of perfection was never real in the first place, and then every one around them suffers for it.

Each week the pastor puts on sermons that inspire and motivate people to feel good about themselves, yet at the same time is laundering money and cheating on his wife. It comes to the surface and the experience of that church becomes tarnished. People are left feeling anguish because of the pastor’s choices and the wholeness and pride that was created in that space becomes fragmented. The illusion of perfection breaks and we blame that person for ruining our experience there, because again we were looking for someone outside of us to maintain an experience that was never real in the first place (but we thought it was because of the expectations we brought to the experience… “but the pamphlet said so!!”). I honestly have no idea why this example is coming out, but apparently somebody out there needs to reflect on it.

When we work to look outside the box, or what is outside of the normal, we continuously dance between looking within to understand ourselves in relation to the programming of the world. In this work, an open mind is a must so that we can use courage to truly see ourselves and what we might change in order to come into better alignment with a heart-centered life. Instead of looking for how the world might serve us, we figure out how our life might be designed so that we can be of better service to others.

This is the shift, the focal point around what is taking place in the world. While collectively we are making this shift together, individually this looks very different for each person. It is not a process to be rushed and, as far as I know, based on my visions, it is not going to take place over night. There is no get-by-free card in this. The work doesn’t get done for us because there is no one that comes to save us from ourselves. In this story, we eventually wake up, one by one, and start saving ourselves from ourselves.

As each of us wakes up, we collaboratively do this work together, pushing ourselves to be more real, more honest, more forgiving and more loving. We stop outcasting and become radically inclusive so the real healing work can be done, by us and for us. Through each and every one of our healing hearts we activate the divine version of ourselves that is seeking emergence and literally birth a new world together than defies everything we’ve ever known to be true here.

I wanted to get to what it looks like to tune into our hearts, unlock our intuition and navigating boundaries from fear into love, but it looks like this is where we stop for now.

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