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The Last Decade’s Journey

I’m much more of a writer, but am working to get more comfortable speaking and producing videos. I threw this one together last night, just after I got out of the shower, mascara under my eyes, and ultimately relinquishing the need for perfection. It’s all about trying new things, putting yourself in the unknown and finding what growth is so be had there (and I definitely learned a lot, if only just navigating iMovie and Youtube).

I wrote this for a grad school project, highlighting my educational journey thus far, but it captures much of my spiritual journey as well, my journey of awakening, becoming, self-actualizing. Of course, much was left out, but speaks to where I was when I first started to awaken a decade ago, traveling through India and Peru, my studies and professional development, and some of the the big life changes I recently had to go through, the “dismantling of my life,” in order to redevelopment for greater alignment with my soul path. Enjoy.

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