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The Awakening is Here



Right now, there is an awakening happening. It’s been on-going, spoken primarily behind closed doors, in private spaces, shielded out of sight from those who might misunderstand or not be able to take in the information. If you haven’t experienced it yet, there is typically little means of relating or comprehending (blank stares, ehrms and ehhs, changing of conversation). It’s one of those topics that many have little time for, as there’s nothing about it that fits into their current reality.

For those who have started the process, it can be a relatively isolating road and somewhat discouraging. Although you know what you know, what you’ve gone through and what you’ve seen, not many people seem to be able to relate. It’s meant dredging through, day after day, moving through realities that don’t compute anymore, marching on in our personal deprogramming while the rest of the world keeps plugging away as if everything were normal. We try to fit in, awkwardly trying to navigate living in the old operating system, even though we’ve already had a sneak peak at the upgraded version we’re all about to be offered (and trying to figure out how to obtain access to stay there).

Once you see the new operating system, there’s really no going back. I’d like to say unfortunately that’s the case, because there were plenty of times I would have loved to have unknown what I did just to fit in again. Fortunately, for those who have just recently begun to integrate the new template, or will soon begin to, there are so many of us who have been going through the process for long enough now that we have some pretty awesome tools, skills and personal gifts we’ve been developing to assist you through the process. Compared to a decade ago when I first started to see this new world, there are a lot more of us here now, who are anchoring in these new ways of being and creating realities to support others who are making the transition or will begin to do so soon.


Artist: @archannair

Beginning to awaken is a mixed bag of emotions. It might come along with a dark night of the soul or two. Physical pain, existential fears, confusion, feelings of displacement, loneliness, misunderstandings. Each one of these are a great teacher, helping us to let go of what never really mattered. The more we fight it, then the more it continues, as what we resist persists, and the more sick we become, either physically, mentally or spiritually. We look to those outside of us for the answers, for the quick fix, the remedy, the medicine, but ultimately the true healing elixir for all of our ailments are those which are found inside of us.

When we look inwards for our answers, and begin to make the transition, we may hit some super high levels of excitement with all the new things we’re seeing and feeling, followed by some big purging of issues we thought we had tossed long ago (nope, they still live within us, until we heal them properly). It means big ups and downs. BIG feelings. BIG realizations. BIG oh shits. BIG ahas! BIG vulnerability. BIG forgiveness (of yourself and others) and ultimately BIG love.

The awakening is multi-faceted. It’s an internal and external process of figuring out what is real and what is not. This includes our relationship to the world: the people around us, our communities, our politics, and pretty much every level of belief systems that we hold to be true. If you take a moment to think about it, what would happen if you found out that all those things that make you, YOU, aren’t real or soon will no longer be part of your reality? What if you wake up one day and, without a doubt, reality as you know it no longer exists anymore and something entirely different is in its place? Even if what is new is for the betterment of all people, it’s some hardcore adjustment to deal with. When it comes to healing from these losses, it can hit with wave after wave. Just when you think you’ve definitely “made it,” another big lesson of ego destruction makes its way in. In so, it is like the slow dismantling of our mind, piece after piece being discontinued; where there was once the machine of the mind, a new, otherworldly and organic network begins to take its place instead.

When we begin the process, we grapple with one layer after the next. As soon as we think we’re good, another wave comes at us, asking us to loosen our grip just a bit more. “Oh, you want to hold on to that bit of security? No, beautiful child, it’s not for you. Give it back now.” We know a child’s reaction when we take away something they can no longer have. You know, it’s not their toy, or it’s someone else’s turn. The experience is over, because it’s bed time! They need to sleep! They can’t have anymore ice cream because it’s going to make them sick! It’s no different in the ways of this transition.


Artist: Maka Theologien

We can’t always see why something is happening, which makes it so much harder. As an adult, we can see why the child cannot have something in the moment, but for the child, the comprehension just isn’t there and that can be so scary and frustrating. The understanding hasn’t been developed, and it can feel helpless and not fair. As adults, we’re no different. And in this new world we’re moving into, there is going to be a lot of the above mentioned, happening inside of each and every one of us.

Keep this in mind as you experience the waves of change. Inside of you, there is a scared little child who needs to be loved, nurtured and guided. Be your own guide. Take the inner self by the hand (you can literally imagine the child version of yourself) and look at them and tell them why they are special, teach them why we need to keep growing. Hold your own hand, even when things get rocky and no longer make sense.

Everything is going to change, everything is already changing, and so I am preparing you with these bits of information to help you for when the time comes. Now is the time to begin this inner dialogue. Now is the time to start the practices of true healing, because what we learn now will help us as the future begins to change form, when the world no longer looks like a world we can identify with, when we are no longer who we told ourselves we were all of these years. And eventually, you will rise… more powerfully, more confidentially and more unconditionally loving than you could ever imagine.

The personal awakening can begin at any time, and it is different for everyone. There is no rush. It happens when you’re ready for it. If you’re reading this, there is a good chance you are already experiencing these things and seeing them as they play out inside of yourself, in others and in the world at large. This is just the beginning, and I am so excited for us to see what happens as we begin to transition to the other side 🙂 Remember to breathe, to love yourself, to forgive when necessary, and ask for help whenever you need it. You’re never alone, and are so loved.

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