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Stop & Smell the Roses

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

A rainy spring time has been upon us, and there is an electric feeling of growth in the air. Working as an ecological landscaper, I get to stay pretty intimately connected with what’s happening in our gardens. Shoots spring out from the earth, leaves fresh and ready for their seasonal journey. After the last couple of years, I too feel a deep sense of this in my own being. There are many changes bursting forth!

I recently did a an interview with John Carter on his podcast, Stop and Smell the Roses on Shady Pines Radio. We explored my Business, Urban Village Designs LLC, what it’s like to be a business owner in the context of a governing and social systems that doesn’t make it easy, designing spaces and organizations that support whole human beings/healthy ecologies, and more!

On top of running my ecological landscaping business, I am opening up my schedule to offer more tarot readings, both for events and for individuals as needed, as well as integrative soul sessions. Reach out if you want some support ❤

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