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Ready to Bloom

Spring begins to fade into summer, making way for more vibrancy. Seeds planted reveal themselves, personal gardens begin to take on more dimension. We may even begin to harvest a bit of what we’ve sown.


Sage in bloom

Things are changing rapidly around us, and we too are beginning to tap into ourselves in new ways, for those willing and engaged in the process. Have you recently taken on new projects, or have new ideas unexpectedly made their way into your everyday thoughts? Have you begun to notice where you (unconsciously) allow yourself to get in the way, preventing yourself from really stepping into your fullest? Are you actively finding new ways to challenge your belief systems around what you are capable of? I hope so.

Because we need you. We need all of you. There is so much work to do, but the time is dawning on us where things will begin to move quicker than what we have seen in the past. As some of us are still slow to understand the realities of environmental and social atrocities and what this means for us, many others are tapping into something greater within themselves, recognizing they hold the answers to the questions we never thought we’d find. We are each keys, here to unlock doors to a new paradigm.

When I was in my late teens/early 20’s, I had my first awakening to my purpose. Unfortunately at the time, I wasn’t necessarily strong enough to hold these visions, and in many ways was ridiculed and ostracized for my beliefs. No one wanted to hear about the issues our planet was facing, and they definitely didn’t want to hear about my crazy excitement around the new possibilities for humanity, or how our roles would shift as creators of a new reality.


A decade later, I’m a little tougher, my skin a little thicker, and I move forth with zero reservations about speaking about this publicly, or stepping into who I am meant to be,  FULLY AND POWERFULLY. As each of us remember who we are, embodying the divine essence that is absolutely our intrinsic right, we begin to alter the frequencies of the whole. We have a long way to go, as the old paradigm is thickly conditioned, but I promise you a new day is coming. It’s not based in fear, but in FIERCE LOVE. It is CREATIVE. It is REJUVENATING. We are children of the divine, and it is our time to step into and more fully embody this.

As I write this, some people will not at all understand what I am saying. It doesn’t yet stir in them. They are still very much rooted in old systems of thinking. This, they might think, is all jibberish, a pouring of useless verbage with no place in their current mental systems (AKA, I’m outta my damn mind). But for others, you also feel it. You’re part of this wave of a new consciousness. While we don’t exactly know where we’re going, the future is beginning to look extremely different. We are excited. We are vibrating with creative potential.


Garden Thyme

In a garden or forest, everything blooms and fruits at varying times. Similarly, each of our blueprints are designed differently. We will all bloom and bear our gifts to the world when the time is right, and what it is that you bring to our planet will be SO PERFECTLY, UNIQUELY different than the person next to you. I am so excited to bear witness  as you discover what that means for YOU. We are creators and creatresses, weaving together new potentiality for a VIBRANT, INCLUSIVE and MAGICAL future.


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