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Purging the Past, Making Way for the New

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Maybe I live in a bubble. A really large, beautiful bubble of extraordinary beings who seem to be on the same page, aware of all the extreme changes we’re currently


experiencing. Shifts in consciousness are quickly speeding through us, removing the excess and leaving us with the feeling we’ve been scrubbed a bit too hard. Is this all really necessary? It feels like an ultra-sanitizing process, as if we’ve been exposed to the virus and we have to be squeaky clean before we’re granted access into the sanctuary opening up before us.

I don’t think the greater public is aware of these changes though. Many are just moving through their everyday lives as if all were still normal, as if the old realities were still here. Of course, they are, because they live within our minds. …We do create collective realities. But the template has shifted. We’re still putting our beliefs into something that died out a while ago. It’s like when someone who grew up in the 80’s continues to listen to the same music and wear the same hairstyle decades later. The 80’s are dead, man! People love to cling to the times when they felt most alive, to ideologies that feel the most secure, rather than exploring what newness can be tapped into in the here and now to invoke similar feelings.

There is a whole lot of new right now. These shifts are hitting us hard, from all angles. It’s like learning to surf for the first time, falling off your board and being plummeted over and over again by the waves, stuck in the under current. Except in this case the waves are felt in our bodies, in our cells, in our energy fields. Sometimes even in our minds and in our dreams. These are extremely wild times.

This post is days late. I’m holding myself accountable, because this is my passion and in my mind better late than never! I know there are many people out there that can relate to being affected by the changes, so I wanted to touch base on how heavy this can be. Walking outside just a bit ago, the energy coming in was dense and penetrating. It almost looked like a thick snow fall. No wonder I can barely get out of bed! Surges of this radiate throughout my body, leaving me almost in a state of paralysis. So much for productivity this week.


And that is OKAY. We live in this culture that bases our worth on how much we can get done, how much we can contribute, even if what we’re contributing has nothing to do with the betterment of ourselves and society. Keep the program going! Don’t stop, don’t look around! Because without you the system crumbles. Each time we opt out from full participation, when we make our own rules and follow our own internal rhythms, we shake up the status quo, triggering an anomaly in the collective consciousness, pointing to something else that lives deep within us.


Non-contribution, at some point, is necessary. It is in the unplugging that we can figure out who we really are, what we really want to do and how we’re going to do it. We figure out who we are in the confines of solitude so that the inner voice can finally start communicating with us. It has something to say, a message to deliver regarding your purpose here. Take some time to slow down, if you’re not already, to hear your internal guide- because what you are here to truly live will better us all.

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