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Opening Up to Healing

While the idea of finding deep, transformative, lasting healing sounds great in theory, the willingness to take responsibility for one’s own health, even if only on an unconscious level, might feel like an uphill battle not worth the effort. Personal narratives cycle on repeat about why we’re unable to leave or change a situation, why we’re not able to live life fully, or why our participation in life’s on-going miracles is unobtainable. There’s always a new excuse, something out of our control. Life is happening to us and we are merely a passive bystander.


Whether or not we are conscious of it, we are constantly co-creating realities around us. Every thought echos throughout the great expanses of our inner worlds, our minds and muscles and cells opening, receiving, harboring the incantations we may or may not even know we are speaking. These thoughts materialize as word and action, rippling through people we encounter and into our communities. Even our most subtle movements send signals to life around us, the plants, animals and into the deep subconscious of those around us.

Our subconscious has much to tell us about the world. We move through life relying on the physical affirmations of reality, often making it difficult to know the truth of the matter from the illusion, because if it is not in plain sight, it must not be real or possible. Another world exists around us though, speaking in symbols and metaphor, revealing truth in a space that permeates everything and everyone. Like a distant melody, it is always playing in the background. It’s similar to the buzzing in our ear that never truly fades- we have just learned to adjust our attention to avoid interacting with it.

There is something happening to our world- It is changing. What is beginning to reveal itself is not new, but our ability to access it is more readily available for those who are interested. A new framework has been designed for the human experience, and it is based in the vibration of love and creative expression. For those who would like to make the shift, a guide lies within you with all of the information you need to begin to make the transition.

Like a heavy weight, the unhealed aspects of self keep us from fully actualizing, anchoring us to a metaphorically dark ocean floor of limited human potential. In so, each time we are able to identify our wounds, to let them go and release them to the surface, we too begin to rise. Bit by bit, we let go of who we thought we were: the anxiety, the resentment, the anger, the judgements, the hurt, the betrayals, the grief. Each time we courageously cut loose and untie the gravity of these emotional burdens, we prepare ourselves to transcend into the next level of our personal, cosmic evolution.

Underneath the cloak of stories we have woven together to create the “I” we cling to today, there is another self who does not identify with these narratives. This aspect of self is always there, watching and observing with nothing more than a simple curiosity, awaiting the time when we are ready to remember who we are and begin fulfilling the profound destiny we were designed for. While we might be apprehensive to let go of the stories that keep us grounded, as we do our cloak will begin to loosen and eventually fall.

Without the cloak, we might fear what is to be found underneath. Rest assured, beautiful beings, for each of us were divinely created. The weight we have so long held on our shoulders will reveal itself as it truly is, for as we lift ourselves from these unconscious waters and dry out, we will find that each of us possess great wings. We will come to see that we were not designed for the waters, but for the skies.

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