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New Expressions of Human Beingness

It may seem that life is moving as normal, the same worldly and interpersonal issues playing out as it has been since as long as we’ve been familiar with time. Underneath it all though, a different design has been implemented, and as I’ve said before, anyone who is interested can begin to have access to it. To enter into the gates of this new reality means to shed all of the layers we’ve designed based o

ut of fear. The vibration of these frequencies are too dense to make the shift, and as we change to meet the new energy we will feel somewhat uncomfortable as these dissolve away (or peel away, rip away, burn away!). The process is an amazing one, but it wouldn’t be said to be the path most traveled. Not yet.

For those re-membering, our mission is to begin wearing down that path, because as the more of us normalize the transition, the easier it will be for those who would like to follow. In these weeks and months to come, keep this in mind as big events, either collectively or individually come into play.  Every moment presented to us is an opportunity to choose a new way that is based in our highest and truest expression of love. We have the power to transform ourselves and others by embodying the person we’d really like to be, and in doing so we will remind others that there is in fact a different way to move through life; there is a more innovative and gentler way to be human.

When interacting with others, remember that someone else’s lower expressions of human beingness do not need to trigger our own. Breathe. When someone lashes out, or is acting out of accordance with compassion and empathetic ways of relating, we don’t need to match that energy. We don’t have to REACT, which is the unconscious response to stimuli. In these moments, when we intentionally breathe deep (breathe it all the way down into your belly), we can bring oxygen into all of the cells of our body and into our minds and, in these moments, remember to open, as if we are opening to flower, to shine our light brighter. Even in adversity,  we can stand in our most beautiful self-expression. We might be standing in the fire, but it doesn’t need to burn, at least not uncomfortably. When we choose to consciously act, forming new patterns of response, we can feel outdated versions of ourselves falling away.

To identify these layers, pay close attention to your personal themes. Life moves cyclically- If we can adjust our attention properly, we will see reoccurring lessons in our life, incredibly unique and personal to each of our journeys. Certain patterns will emerge when we understand this, especially around areas highlighted with a certain amount of uneasiness and resistance along the way. These experiences indicate areas of great importance, as they highlight our personal patterns that are asking us to see them so that we may really see ourselves. It is in understanding our personal stories, understanding our personal hero’s journey, that we will be able to tap into, and heal, the greater stories that have permeated the experiences of our ancestors.

This might sound like a massive undertaking, and it is. We have BIG, beautiful work to do on this planet. That is what we came here for. We are here to understand the human experience and find transcendence within it, as in doing so we gain greater wisdom, compassion, understanding and acceptance. Remember this as we walk forward, friends. We all possess the power to shift us into higher levels of consciousness, if only we can remember it.

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