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New Earth

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

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To many, it may not yet be obvious. In the undercurrents of reality, of what many might deem as the “way the world works,” there is another way of being, doing and relating that is taking hold. Those who have no idea what I’m talking about are likely surrounded by friends and social groups who aren’t talking about it. It’s not on the news, nor reflected in the characters on TV. Depending on your reality, there’s a chance you’re not even bumping into people in your everyday life who would indicate this shift in the world is happening at all, and even if you did, you might not recognize them.

I use “new earth” as a conceptual idea of a new way of being on the planet that tends to be used often by those who speak of ascension, or what others might deem the great turning, but really this term is rather misleading. This by no means is indicative that we are receiving a new planet, as the old one we have treated poorly is still on this journey with us for the long haul (granted we get it together and play our cards right). Rather, it’s the way we redesign our relationship with our self, each other and the planet, in a way that is healthy and holistic, that recreates the planet anew.

It’s weird, because until we know what we’re looking for, the clues won’t present themselves to us. The way our minds work is that unless it fits into our preconceived notions about the world, we’ll either make excuses or draw conclusions about an idea or situation that fits it neatly into our organized worldview. That, or we’ll toss it all together, often without realizing we’ve tossed it at all! I talk with a vagueness, because unless you’ve been initiated into the new world, the experiences you encounter there won’t make sense… These experiences might even stir up feelings of fear! That which doesn’t fit into the way we think the world works can really scare us if we’re not ready for it.

Not only are some of us not ready to step into the new world, there are structures in place in this world that are not wanting to highlight or bring attention to the new earth that is being organized behind the scenes. Why? Because it would destroy “life” as we know it. The new world, the new earth as we sometimes label is, is built on the foundations of people and earth care. It highlights holistic health, seeing and working with individuals in their whole natures, mind, body and spirit, and developing a person’s sense of self in the context of community and the land in which they live. There is a deeply sacred aspect to this world that permeates all of life.


The culture that raised many of us, the predominate one that is still the main script in which culture abides by, is particularly toxic. It is toxic to the people and the land and breeds inequality, mental and physical illness, environmental injustice and a general negligence of the human spirit. It is a system that sees people, animals and the environment as profit, rather than as living, sentient beings. Yet, it is still so pervasive in some parts of our world that many would believe it is just the way the world works, all the while failing to tap into the deeper recesses of their potential. There are many of us who have escaped that world, only occasionally bumping into it and being reminded that world still exists.

It’s really happening- different paradigms existing simultaneously. One that exists in lack, want, domination, control, time, corruption, disconnect, compartmentalization, outsourcing, distraction and fear, and another that exists in cooperation, connection, introspection, healing, creativity, wholeness, natural rhythms and love. The more we become aware of these differences, the more we can consciously determine how and where we move in between these paradigms and which one we want to be part of. More opportunities are being given now to step out of the old paradigm all together.

Some might say, from an outsider’s perspective, that working and building in the new world is negligent or selfish in spite of the old world that is crumbling around us. How is it we can walk so confidently in this new world and not take into account the deep suffering the rest of the world is currently experiencing? Well… Suffering on this planet is absolutely not new. Referring to much of the history of earth, as our textbooks might allude to, this has been a crap planet to live on for some time. Living in the sorrow of the devastation created here by misled men does no one good, unless it moves you into action. Specifically, the action where we address our programming given to us by that world, remove it, and then determine better ways of existing in the world that provide us with better alternatives to move into for the future, for ourselves and for those who care to follow.

When we choose to no longer participate in the old world, it disempowers that system. What we focus on grows, and for those of us who have our feet planted in the new world, it is up to us to come together to begin building the new systems to prepare for the many more who will come to follow in the near future as the doors to this new earth swing open more widely. The new earth is here and it comes from within. Many of us, all over the planet, are heeding the call and waking up to our unique, divine imprints. We were PERFECTLY designed for this mission. We were DESIGNED to heal this planet, long before we came here. For those who hear the call, tune in and unfold into your most majestic design. The time is now.

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