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Living Collectively with Purpose

If you follow along with my writings, I continue to speak of a “shift” that is occurring within ourselves, as well as the world around us. This is not metaphorical. These are very real, tangible shifts, that are taking place right now, in the psyches and souls of people all over the world. One of the main symptoms of this shift is a deep desire to be of service to the planet, rather than accumulating intellectual or material gains simply for the benefit of oneself.

Living for oneself is outdated programming, a survival mechanism that helped to bring about a dog-eats-dog world, a world of competition and gain over others. Our programming would have us believe this is healthy, and even in reading this you may find your stomach clinching, a fire rising. Those are necessary attributes to a thriving society, you might say. Those are healthy qualities highlighting resourcefulness and independence within our previously agreed upon societal norms.

Well, we’ve supported that paradigm for long enough, friends. It is a world (both literally and figuratively) now dying. While we might fear the social, economic, political and even spiritual alternatives that have been fed to us in such a way to bring about panic and a sense of otherness, the new world soon to emerge is much more advanced than anything you can fathom. We need not fear what is to emerge, because it will be a world built on ushering in and maintaining life that is loving, balanced, connected, creative and profoundly liberating.

While I’m not here to tell you exactly when this happens, I am here to whisper these ideas into your mind and soul, for when the time comes, the changes may be a little less shocking to your system Perhaps you’ll be reminded of what I am speaking to now. This is the time to prepare, to know thyself, to align thyself, to free thyself from the old, as in doing so will create a much more natural bridge into the new. While learning to embody unconditional love is paramount (I speak of this in many of my previous posts), discovering your unique gifts will also make this transition much more enjoyable.

In the new world to come, everyone contributes based off of what moves them- their skills, interests and hobbies. Of course, it takes some deep digging to figure out what these things are. In the world we have come from, we move into positions that we think might give us good financial security, or perhaps will bring us some sort of power. We’re often eagerly encouraged to follow stability over heart, safety over risk, stagnancy over true growth (but alas, we must leave the safety of the nest to learn to fly).

Where we are moving, we’ll have to strip away what we took on to survive in the old paradigm and, with honesty and courage, figure out who we really are. What do we really long for in our soul and what do we really wish we could accomplish? If we could survive and even flourish doing what we love, and somehow better humanity by doing so, how might our life look different? These are just some initial questions that we can begin asking ourselves to begin aligning with a life of service that feels good to us, where we can feel useful and appreciated in our communities. As we heal ourselves and uncover our hidden purposes, these acts will guide us through the gates of continuous healing and evolution, the doors into a brilliant new world.

While it might be hard to see at times, keep in mind that every person you meet has a gift to share. Everyone. If we can’t find this, either in ourselves or in another, we’ve yet to do the big soul work required to obtain true sight. The search much continue within ourselves, as when we find our own gifts, we can much more easily understand the gifts someone else brings to our table. Sometimes it is an important lesson, and sometimes it is something more tangible. It is through this work that we must learn to truly see with our hearts, instead of our minds.

As we walk the path of self-discovery, with the embodiment of our most perfect, divine, unique blueprint, life will begin to unravel much differently. Each moment will present itself as a clue, or a missing piece to the puzzle. New and old friends appear synchonisitically, sharing similar vision, having more information for your personal and professional pursuits that were direly needed for the next step on your path. Maybe you’re given an offer, from someone else living heart-centered, with no expectations other than hoping to see you grow and succeed. The world becomes much more friendly and welcoming when we live heart-centered and follow our dreams.

Within this new world, we quickly find that this is no solo journey, but one of creating, growing and learning in loving and connected relationship with others. It can’t be any other way. We need each other. You see, the old world is on its way out, many professions of the past soon to become obsolete and new ones to take their place. Those new professions are the ones that live inside each and every one of us, waiting to be discovered, explored, designed and enacted, in community. It’s a very different world, and one that is already making it’s way into existence, at this very moment.

Go inward, find your calling and work to co-create the new world emerging now. One by one we will become, the keys that open the door to the new kingdom.

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