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Knowing and Seeing

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

In last week’s blogpost, Wholistic Education, I mentioned my ability to “see.” I’m not talking about the basic world we see with our two eyes, although our eyeballs have a bit to do with it. What I am talking about is the ability to see the in-between, on many different dimensions simultaneously. Because I see much more of the whole picture, I can see many angles and perspectives, knowing things about people that sometimes they don’t even know (or more likely don’t want to accept or acknowledge). I generally have an idea as to why people are acting in such a way at any given moment. I think it is important I go deeper into this, so you can begin to understand what this means and how it works. What I am describing here is an aspect of sight that will become more prevalent in the new world now emerging.

It has been a serious process of learning the art of true seeing. On SO. MANY. LEVELS. When I first started to see the world differently it was accompanied by my initial dark night of the soul, when I had virtually no one around me who understood what I was going through. Thank goodness for Myspace back then, right? Other than my online friends, my social groups outcasted me because they thought I was bonkers for talking about multiple dimensions and how I could see energy. It was a rough time to be a starseed.

Once the “gift” was bestowed, there came a variety of new challenges with the ability to see things others couldn’t. With knowing comes a sense of obligation, a desire to make the world a better place, but also tripping along the way to figure out the best method of doing so. It’s also very confusing to have proper intuition when you haven’t done all of the big personal healing work yet. It takes a whole lot of regular deep diving before you can properly decipher what’s yours and what’s someone else’s.

Healing oneself is a journey. A post for another day, as I have a lot to say on it (actually just read all of my blog posts… Everything I talk about I have learned from direct, personal experience through healing myself). The work of healing oneself directly intertwines with a particularly interesting social dynamic. For instance, when I see things come up in myself I have to decide… Do I have a conversation about it? Will this become an enlightening and healing moment? Is the other person going to get defensive or avoid the conversation and then things get awkward? Are they going to twist what I’ve said into something it wasn’t because I struck a sensitive nerve? Is it best I keep my mouth shut and carry on, leading everyone to think everything is fine? Speaking your truth can be rough business, especially if those around you haven’t started their own healing work.

Through the years I’ve had all the reactions when I’ve spoken my truth. That, or I didn’t say anything in moments when I should have, or I let myself believe lies because it made me feel like somehow I might fit in better. I’d think, hey, maybe what I’m perceiving is actually wrong and maybe by following along with the other person’s narrative they will accept me. These were uncomfortable, painful and excellent learning opportunities for an awakening healer.

I’ll tell you now, when we’re on the path of transcendence, it’s best to pay attention to the tell-tale signs of who you are meant to hang out with. Intuition knows and it saves us so much time. We skip extra heartache and peacefully acknowledge that some people just aren’t meant for us. Some souls have some big, big learning yet to come and it’s not always our job to hold their hand through it. There will always be others out there who will acknowledge your worth and hold space for you as you heal, grow and shine. Don’t slow yourself down to fit in with people who don’t meet you there.

Through the years, I’ve learned some massive lessons and have really begun to master the art of my sight. I don’t need to doubt it anymore. My intuition is ON. POINT. And I have so many beautiful tools I’ve developed over the years that I can now share with others that lead to profound growth and healing. Anyone who has spent any time with me recently knows what I’m talking about. And now, I ALWAYS speak my truth. BIG change comes from what I see and am willing to speak. I call out almost everything, and despite it occasionally taking people off guard, it’s ultimately appreciated. While many might agree with the notion it is best not to ruffle feathers, I would like to say otherwise… Wholeness doesn’t come from hiding behind the curtain. If humanity is going to grow, every single one us has to do the work to get there. I just help people speed it up, in the most direct, loving way possible. Seriously. It’s ALWAYS out of love.

I’ve finally plowed through the big healing work. My channel is clear. And the best thing about being an activated lightworker is when you finally begin to align with your soul family. I’m now surrounded by a huge number of people who have many of the same gifts and understand what the heck I’m talking about, who share similar memories. All of the years of not fitting into societal norms finally makes sense, and the reason I always felt like I had a big mission to accomplish on this planet is because I absolutely do.

Okay, so what is this sight I am talking about… What I have are varying types of seeing/feeling/knowing, intuitive abilities. We exist within many dimensions, emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, energetic, and more, and as we heal ourselves and attune, new gifts are made available to us. As we develop our gifts of knowing, there are many, many different facets of human existence that become apparent. Not only do I have perfect eyesight, but I can see energy, fractal patterns and other types of visions that appear at random, and can feel energy on a variety of levels. I can also read and interpret metaphors that are spoken from our souls. I’m not unique. There are many of us with these abilities. I am here to tell you that a new future is in front of us, and these abilities and more will become much, much more common.

The other thing is, I can see into the future. I’ve been able to see the new world for over a decade and I’m here to tell you it’s time. Things are going to change soon, for everyone. Soon many of you will begin to see the world in which we came here to introduce you to. I am here, with so much love, to help you through this transition. Do not be afraid, for you are so loved and have everything you need inside of you.

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