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In Between Worlds

There are different levels of understanding we reside within at any given time. Our consciousness dictates how much we can observe, understand and experience within these layers. In the human experience, it is rare to observe more than one layer at any moment, because to see more than this is often too much for one spirit to bare. We’re here to experience being human, and this means living with certain limitations of perception.

Our limitations within the human being experience are changing though, growing to encompass greater ways of understanding and feeling. It means that we are being offered more, that we can expand to display an even greater template for wholistic understanding and self-expression as a means for healing and service to the planet. The change in how we connect to our self and others within this new shift will shock us, with how much love and light can be shared and how much creative force we have to offer the whole.

To enter into this new reality means big change. Painful change, for some… Including myself. It means existing between worlds before the transition is fully made, feeling the pull of new life and the old, grief and awe simultaneously tearing us between past and future. “Just let go of the old,” the voice of knowing whispers, “for there is a much more beautiful and fulfilling life awaiting you.” If only, with this knowing, it could be easier. If we could fully see the view on the horizon waiting for us, it would be so much more painless to let it all go and just move forward. Even if we know what we’re moving into is better than what we’re leaving, our inner world cries out to just let us take the old life with us. Can’t we compromise? It’s like hanging onto the teddy bear we’ve outgrown, that we’re being asked to donate to someone more in need. There are new, more evolved and better matched experiences to be involved with up ahead.

We are constantly outgrowing aspects of our life. When we are asked to change, grow and step into new chapters, most of us throw our tantrums and grasp desperately at the past, asking it not to leave us. Don’t make us change!! We fight our intuition, knowing that it is time to leave or to move on from the situation, and sometimes we manage to stay past our expiration date. Where we once found life, we now find the oxygen levels being depleted. We’re suffocating and barely hanging on, because the pain it takes to stay somehow seems more feasible than just walking out the door that is beckoning us with fresh air and new opportunity.

And once we leave, because there was no other choice… Because the house we refused to leave has burned down, or the aspect of life we were holding onto no longer exists, we have our memories. These experiences replay over and over in our mind’s eye and we keep these situations alive, even though there are new people and places and opportunities to grow and learn and thrive from right in front of us. We create what we see, and by holding onto these outworn filters, we fail to clearly view what beauty can be found from where we currently are.

Death is a natural part of the human experience, and it comes in all shapes and forms. We, of course, learn of this from a young age, but we often think about it strictly in terms of the people in whom we care for leaving us, or the time when we too pass over to the other side. Infrequently do we speak of the metaphorical death of self (although, as we experience this, how metaphorical is this, truly?) that we must move through in order to be reborn, over and over again within this lifetime. As the tree loses its leaves once a year, the snake sheds its skin each month, the bird finds itself in molt, we too must let go of our outworn layers to allow for new growth to emerge. The more extreme we find the personal death to be, the greater the new life that is to come. Rebirth is a natural aspect of nature, and as a human being our inner and outer worlds mirror these changes in a similar fashion.

A natural aspect of the personal death is to move between realities. We replay the old memories, sifting through what we can take with us, if anything. Concurrently, we try and stay in the present- there are bills to pay and relationships to keep up with. And then, we also dream of what is to come and what is possible. Like a nauseating ride, we move through the thoughts, projections and confusion, seeking the truth of the matter. Who are we without what we’ve known, and what fills those gaps of what has been lost? How do we grow to take up what was once there?

There are many questions to sift through as we remake the new template from which we will begin to function. In the old world energies, people accept their wounds as permanent open sores, using substance abuse, over stimulated ambition, sex, television, eating and an array of other means to cover up the pain. People push through as their spirits fragment, leaving them disconnected from living purposefully, authentically and with accountability for their actions. In our interactions with others, when we begin to attune to true sight, we can literally see, hear and feel when we are working with someone who has experienced fragmentation.

In the new world we are currently ushering in, we work with our pain, openly and fully in order to turn wound into medicine. In order to heal properly, we must really feel our pain. We must thoroughly grapple with the pain. Cry, scream, dance, write, puke, sing, draw, be silent and express our pain fully and thoroughly. Explore it and let it teach us about the many layers of our pain and why this information is important. Let it move through you so that it can transform you. Our pain, our struggles and our limitations are the gateways into a bigger world, if we can work to find the gift within the situation. This gift is our life force, our purpose, the reason why we’ve been put here on this planet at this time. Our struggles are the indicators to what our personal medicine will be to offer back to the whole, once we’ve participated in the work of internal alchemy.

Right now, the process is waking up inside of us, like a roaring fire, purifying the people and spaces in which we inhabit. We have come here to heal; first ourselves, and then each other. Think about it. Can you feel the changes, the growing inside of you, the confusion of what was and the anticipation of something that is coming? We are now existing in between worlds and life will never be the same.

As we make the transition into the new world, things will come up inside of you that will be difficult to explain. You’ll begin to know and see things differently. It might scare you because of how different it feels or looks like.  Find peace within, and know that you are loved, and meant for such greatness. The horizon is just a little farther.

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