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Heart-Centered Earth Activation

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Check out my first free guided meditation! This will eventually be on Insight Timer, but their approval process is slow going. And thus, it is available for you here.

In this heart-centering activation, allow your consciousness to attune and expand to the frequencies of unconditional love. Allow the ego to desolve as you tap into the divine nature of your sacred existence, aligning with universal flow in order to bring greater harmony, creativity and joy into your life. This meditation was intuitively guided to support your magical awakening.

“Heart-Centered Earth Alignment” Released: 2020. Intuitive meditation led by Drake Nyx, background music provided by DJ Kodi Galactic. Image by Kinsey Smyth.

#Awakening #consciousness #meditation #SpiritualAwakening #healing

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