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Exploring Ocean Shores

While I try to hold myself accountable to posting each week, days have slipped through my fingers like sand as I lose myself to the awe of new life and connection. My own internal worlds have been all that I have ever known, or really that I thought I’d ever know, for to walk into another’s world so deeply and thoroughly would seem implausible. …We can only catch glimpses into the world of someone else, right?

But no, I’ve been shown otherwise. Galaxies and earthly planes merge in the eyes of another, in conversation and touch, both light and darkness rolling in like ocean currents highlighted by a bright moon. So much is seen, and yet so much to still be explored. Rocks are picked up and examined that once lay untouched and alone, sunsets illuminating vast forests of my being I had yet to discover on my own.

Years of lonely despair rise to be seen and nurtured, confused and in anguish over so much extended neglect. Why do we subject our self to such bland life, black and white, dimensionally limited relationship with others? Of course, because until we understand that greater dimension is possible, we stay with what we’ve known, despite deep longing for something with more substance. We strive for depth and only when we’ve cultivated the space within our self does the outside world and the people who meet us there reveal our new potential for unlimited, divine possibility.

Hopefully this week I will return to my consistent posting schedule, but if not you can assume I’m taking the time to explore great expanses of once un-illuminated spaces within.

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