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Community Healing Nights are Here!

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Welcome to our kick-off Community Healing Night, on Sunday, February 16th, from 6:00pm-10:00pm at Oasis of Change!

Join us this Sunday for an evening of magic, insight, restoration and connectivity. The evening will feature multiple group meditations, sound healing, a live painter, tea lounge and mini one-on-one sessions. These sessions are first come, first served, so arrive early if you want on the list. They range from donation-based to discounted rates compared to their usual. Take advantage of this awesome opportunity!

There will also be a vegan meal available for donation ($5-$10).

$10 for Oasis of Change members, $20 for non-members. Childcare is available for Oasis of Change Members only and must be reserved beforehand. Check out their website ( for incredibly affordable membership prices. Details on reserving childcare will be sent over to you after you register.

Our magical team includes:

Drake Nyx- {[Integrative Soul and Tarot Sessions, donation-based, 15-30 minutes]} Wholistic educator, Integrative Soul Guide and Community Builder. As your host, I will be providing donation-based integrative soul sessions- a mixture of soul-journeying, intuitive readings and energy healing, along with tarot, depending on your individual needs. Also catch me leading a group meditation and community circle at the end of the evening! Learn more about me here.

Alia Pollet- {[Holistic Sex Therapy, free for first time clients, 30 minutes/ $30 returning client]} Alia Pollet is a Holistic Sex Therapist focusing on the integration of somatic and cognitive healing work to help clients connect to their inner most sexual desires. Bringing your mind, body, and spirit into alignment with your sexual energy as a focus point bridges the gap that we typically overlook. Find out more about her work at

Angel Aurora- {[Dream Workshop, Heart-based donations welcome!]} Angel Aurora has been living in Portland for a whole year now after moving from her home-state of NY. She personally has very vivid dream environments, and it sparked so much passionate interest that she began to study dreams, and other multi-dimensional experiences. She always wondered what she would do with this ability and knowledge, and here she is, blessed to be of service to you.

Angel Aurora will be providing a safe, confidential space where you can address and carefully craft what your dream environment subjectively needs. Her dream workshop consists of (but is not limited to): exploring your dreams, tips to remember your dreams more clearly, translations of cryptic dreams, and receiving notes / gifts after the workshop that could be applied on your own time!

Jamie Crawford- {[Reiki, $25.00 per session, 30 minutes]}

Jamie Crawford is Master Reiki Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Natural Healer with a deep connection to spirit.  She has been practicing Reiki professionally since 2016 out of the Clackamas, OR area. Jamie began her career by giving away 50 Free Reiki sessions which proved to be an invaluable period of growth and expansion for not only her career, also on a personal level. She has also volunteered as an Energy Healer at the Everett House Community Healing Nights in December 2018.

With each session, Jamie sets clear intentions for healing that is ‘good and needful’ at the time; and you will feel the gentle vibration of Reiki energy pour through your body as she connects with your mind, body and spirit. As she receives information, she asks questions and helps you to understand what she is experiencing on your behalf for a relaxing as well as an enlightening experience. Occasionally, one or more of your spirit guides may appear to say hello or to assist in the healing session. She explains what she sees and allows you to communicate with these loving beings. Angels and ascended masters are also known to appear, each offering their loving energy and wise intuitive guidance for the session.

Jamie specializes in chakra alignment and balancing, past-life and karmic connections,

removing energy attachments, cutting cords, and even disabling energetic “implants” that may not be in your best interest. 

Nate McConnell {[1-on-1 wellness program consultations and tarot reading, donations, 15 minutes/ 30 minutes $44, 60 minutes $88/ The nervous system and Intentions, group discussion]} Nate McConnell is a personal fitness trainer with over 10 years of professional experience helping people achieve health and wellness goals. Strength, aerobic exercise and weight loss were the initial focus upon starting as a health coach. Which quickly blossomed in to a passionate interest in not just personalizing workout and meal plans, but even more in inspiring others to tap in to their creativity through an informative and holistic energetic experience. A few years in to fitness training the methodology began to integrate with philosophies and techniques from modalities such as meditation, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga and more. Which eventually developed in to a meditative movement course he has recently introduced to some gyms and yoga studios called “Mindful Mobility.”

{The nervous system and intentions, group discussion} The impact of what we eat, think, and how we act are clearly all important. However, the intention we put in to our daily actions can make all the difference in whether we are inspired to dive deeper in to our practices. This discussion will be all about unraveling and unpacking our current models of a balanced approach to health and wellness, then welcoming in clarity through an experiential teaching incorporated with meditative practices and practical knowledge on the nervous system .

Nandi Pathefinder {[Existential Editing, $10-$20, 30 mins. NOTAFLAF <3]}

Nandi Pathefinder will be available as your own personal advocate offering tasters of a process called Existential Editing. It is based on the philosophy of Narrativism, the core premise of which is that our story is our reality. It is used to help individuals discover unconscious beliefs and replace them with more empowering mantras. It can also be used to help multiple people co-create new healing narratives. Nandi brings in years of self-exploration and facilitation experience pulling in a multitude of tools from dual degrees in Philosophy & Psychology as well as inspiration from NLP, Zegg, NVC, and so many others. To find out more about Existential Editing and Nandi visit

Moana MOmagic Meyer {[Personal Flow Group Session]} . A Kumu(teacher) of the Hawaiian path of ALO(HA) forgiveness and Joy- 30 years of Creative Exterior/Interior Work+play- for W(hole)ness and Beauty- Ke Ala Aloha- The Journey of LOVE- The Infinite & the finite. Join MOmagic for a discussion in dyads sharing about frequency, emotions and where we get stuck. Join her flow and let her help you finds yours!

Love Harris and B Ruch- {[Sound Healing]} Allow these loving beings to carry you away with the rhythms of childlike wonder unfolding from soul. Intuitive and always in flow, these two will hold space for your inner and outer journeys through the evening as you mingle with new and known friends, concepts and inspirations.

Ian (Love) Harris is the founder of Portland, Oregon-based Onion Music Festival. He has dedicated his life to cultivating a heart-centered community by creating multiple musical projects, producing events, and empowering people to celebrate their expression. He served as Regional Officer for the NW Youth of Unity, Event Booker for Tea Chai Té, and has been hired as a musical guest for multiple spiritual retreats. Ian’s calling is to pursue sustainable living, inspire radical self-expression, and bring the vision of Conscious Growth into fruition through various musical outlets and sound healings.

Ben Ruch grew up on the east coast working twelve years for his family business in the agricultural flower industry. Since living in Portland, he integrated himself into the performance flow art community and developed a wire art business. Ben has an intense love for environmental awareness, animal justice, and community building. His heart’s desire is to use the accumulated knowledge of business, agriculture, landscaping, and space-holding to generate restorative communities and resilient culture.

Russell Bohr- {[Tea Service]} Russell is an original board member of the environmental nonprofit: Conscious Growth. He brings his desire to build a better world, experience event facilitating and intuitive grasp of community building, to the mission of Conscious Growth.

He can also be found pouring tea at events around Portland: including shows put on by the Living Prism event production company, and the Friday night Speakteasy at Enthea Tea House.

Russell pours tea in the gongfu style of tea service: providing a place for people to ground and focus or have deeper conversation about thier experiences, thoughts, and goals while bringing community healing through tea.

Shannon Hardman- {[Live Painting]} Shannon Christie is an American artist from Portland, Oregon who works with a variety of different mediums to express her creativity. Her work is often regarded as thoughtful, fun, and emotional through the use of symbolism, color, and patterned line work. Find her in the tea lounge get lost in her magic! Learn more about her here.

Sheba Queen Teehan {[Welcome Table]} Sheba Queen Teehan is an interdisciplinary artist, scholar, writer, and educator. Her main areas of focus are trauma recovery, sacred sexuality, self-care, ecological systems and evolutionary biology. She is also the host of the Here For You Podcast. You can follow her on Instagram @bless.yess. She will be holding space and organizing from the front end! Check in with her upon entry about the evening’s schedule, getting on the list for a session, and general know how about the event!

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

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