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Back on the Band Wagon (9/5/13)

In an attempt to combine my blogs, this post was taken from September 5 of 2013 off another blog I hoped to have had more success with. As one may infer from the two posts I completed during that time, my pursuits were an utter failure. 2015 may see better days.

Well, here I am. It’s been a minute since I’ve written a blog. Like a long minute. Why I failed to find some sort of inspiration to move me, I do not know, but I assure you I intend on making great efforts to begin writing regularly.


Past blogs captured the life events of travel and an array of emotional and mental planes that I needed to purge out to an eye or ear, not in my immediate location at the time. It was a way of connecting with loved ones back home, people I had met along the way, in hopes to let them in on a little of who I was, what I was doing and also to potentially inspire them to move and take action; I hoped to implore them to seek out what it means to truly live a fulfilling life. I mean, hey, if anybody is going to show you there’s more to life, it may as well be the girl next door.

I wish I could reflect back on those blogs. In a spurt of needed radical change within my life I deleted my blog (I also deleted my FB, losing all of my old photos). It seemed like the appropriate thing to do at the time. I dare say, it wasn’t too soon afterwards when I came into an immense regret that still pangs me to this day. There were countless memories in there, some of which I could probably find in one of my many journals, others perhaps not. It’s okay though. Letting go and letting be is a very natural process in this life of ours.

So, what will this particular blog hold for you, dearies? Probably something similar to my old one, potentially more awesome despite the lack of travel currently affecting my life. I don’t need to move much though to continue to live a beautiful adventure; Portland tends to provide one with as much adventure as you can handle if you know where to look for it.

I actually hope to provide you with as much insight as possible into the variety of cool shit I happen to be involved with. Off the top of my head this would include some info on raising chickens, building and maintaining a couple of different hydroponic/aquaponic systems, day hikes and backpacking trips, maybe some cooking and health tips I discover. There’s not much of a limit I’m setting to this, so you can expect a nice little array of information to pour through here that may potentially enhance your life. Provide feedback, give me tips if you happen to be an expert on any of the subjects I bring up. It would be appreciated. Share with your friends, check back often.

Looking forward to a new chapter here on the blogger bandwagon!


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